Greater Tampa Sertoma Club
Wednesday, February 19, 2020

SERTOMA SAFEEARS Hearing-Loss Prevention Progam, 4/14/2009

Turner Elementary School, Home of the Tigers.

The Teams:

Greater Tampa Sertoma Club:
President Andy Cannons, Secretary
 Larry Bane, President Elect Mike Dickinson

Turner Elementary School
Fifth grade teachers Sharen Hunzinger, Danielle Sindelar, Theresa Mena, Velvet Caldwell, Christina Zook, Anne Fordyce, Heidi Mathey and Rhonda McMahon (Assistant Principal)

USF Graduate Students:
Kevin Hemenger, Stephanie Tracy, Heather Carlson, Emily Cardenas, Bridget Miskowiec, Kristen Weinbaum, Tabatha Trapp, Kaylin Stone, Tara Bech and Lillian Bischel 

The Class:
150 very well behaved (two groups) attentive 5th grade students.

The students gathered in the auditorium and sat stage front. Andy Cannons provides a brief introduction as to why we were all there,

the students got to listen to "Turn it to the Left" get into the mood!

They then watched and listened intently as the USF grad students presented the slide show presentation on "Our Ears".


They saw how the inner ear not only processes sounds but also how the semicircular canals provide our balance. The kids had quite a comprehensive review of how hearing works and they appeared to be taking it all in, including some of those very long names! They all know where the smallest bone in the body is found! The damage loud sounds can do to the hair cells in the cochlea was dramatized with the 'before/after' comparative photos. They were taught that once the hairs are broken, they won't grow back. And once you loose your hearing you'll be sad because you'll miss hearing your friends or music. The class was asked questions such as 'how many of you have iPods?' and a forest of hands went up. And 'how many mow the yard?' Not quite as many. Then 'how many have been to a rock concert?' and the forest sprang back to life. It was suggested using hearing protection such as ear plugs or ear muffs. The presentation concluded with Q & A asking what the basic terms were and rewarding those with the correct answer with a 'good job!' Throughout the presentation there were some great questions from the stundets.


The teachers and the USF team then divided the class into groups of about 10-20 students for more one-on-one interaction. The classess did a word search game looking for hearing and hearing loss words in a jumbled list. The Sertoma members provided giveaway kits with the bags promoting SERTOMA SAFEEARS and which contained a package of ear plugs, a 'To Do' list pad, and a 'How Loud is Too Loud' bookmarker. The kids were shown how to put the earplugs into their ears and they were excited to try out the earplugs, busy mashing them so they could fit them in their ears. Photos of these breakout sessions are below. The students had a lot of fun in these interactive learning groups and showed they understood all about Noise Induced Hearing Loss!

Here is a slideshow of the Safears Project 2009