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Wednesday, February 19, 2020


Most deaf and hard of hearing children (90%) are born to hearing parents. Virtually all of them desire their child to become productive and independent members of society. But the reality is without verbal communication their best hopes and dreams are restricted and extremely limited. Advancements in cochlear implantation and best fit hearing instruments have opened up the world of sound and opportunity to these children.

Technology by itself, however, is not enough without the necessary therapy to enable these children to develop hearing, listening and understanding as a pre-requisite to talking. "Help Deaf Kids Talk" provides financial assistance for the required therapy. The dividends are most rewarding on many different levels. With proper intervention these children develop verbal communication, attend regular classrooms and go on to lead active and productive lives.

We seek community support through fundraising via program service donations and promotion of the endowment fund for long term growth. Each year program service donations and up to 50% of the endowment income goes directly to qualified recipients. "Help Deaf Kids Talk" is funded by charitable tax-deductible gifts from the GTSC membership and others like you. Testamentary bequests from wills and/or trust estates and fundraising activities also fund the endowment. Donations to the HDKT, Inc can be made as follows:
Make checks payable to:
Help Deaf Kids Talk, Inc.
C/O Mr.Richard Herman, - HDKT Treasurer
3301 Bayshore Blvd. #610
Tampa FL 33629


Technical advisors include: Loren Bartles, MD., Tampa Bay Hearing and Balance Center,
 Charles Berlin, Ph.D. and Theresa Chisolm, Ph.D.,
University of South Florida Department of Communication Sciences and Disorders,
 Allen Langworthy, Au.D, Ear, Nose and Throat Associates.

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