Greater Tampa Sertoma Club
Friday, August 07, 2020

Links and Resources

Sertoma - Related Websites & Resources
  1. Sertoma International:
  2. Safears project:
  3. New Member Application: clientimages/40348/app.pdf
  4. Central Florida District:
  5. Southeast Caribbean Region:



  1. National Hearing Conservation Association:
  2. American Academy of Audiology:
  3. Dangerous Decibels (with virtual exhibit):
  4. Bolesta Center:
  5. AG Bell Academy:
  6. Cued Speech Organization:
  7. Cued Speech at USF:

 Speech & Hearing Resources
  1. Crank It Down Brochure
  2. Hearing is Fun
  3. Turn it to the Left, performed by Benjamin Jackson. For more information on this public awareness campaign and to obtain your copy of this educational rap, please visit;  proceeds from the distribution of the CDs assist the American Academy of Audiology Foundation ( as it funds research on noise-induced hearing loss.
  4. UTube videos:
    1. How a cochlear implant works
    2. National Institute on Deafness
    3. Getting new hearing aids
    4. Cued speech (1)
    5. Cued Speech (2)
    6. Turn it to the Left Video


Speech & Hearing Websites