Greater Tampa Sertoma Club
Friday, August 07, 2020


The Greater Tampa Sertoma Club sponsorship mission is to provide assistance to needy individuals suffering with speech and/or hearing disorders. The mission statement of organizations being considered for support should support speech and/or hearing. Charitable guidelines have been established and are applied to insure support provided is truly deserved. Greater Tampa Sertoma Club is ever mindful of the trust and confidence placed upon it by its members, prospective members and the public from which it solicits support in its sponsorship efforts to be of SERvice TO MAnkind.

The following is a list of current organizations and endowments to which we provide support. We ask that you consider supporting us so that we can support them.


If you wanted to know what is involved in Cochlear Implant surgery, check out this 55 minute webcast of Dr Loren Bartels of Tampa General Hospital performing this intricate surgery.Help Deaf Kids Talk, Inc (HDKT) is a 501(c) 3 non-profit corporation originally established as an endowment account to provide approved GTSC speech and hearing charities a perpetual funding source. To give greater purpose and direction the name was recently changed to "Help Deaf Kids Talk". Greater Tampa Sertoma Club believes independence achieved through verbal communication should be for all children. To that end we support early identification and intervention for hearing loss. The mission of "Help Deaf Kids Talk" is to provide financial assistance to deaf or severely hard of hearing infants or young children for the necessary therapy to enable the development of hearing, listening and understanding as a pre-requisite to talking, more... - GTSC obtains referrals from various organizations in the communicative disorder field that have needy clients. GTSC obtains permission to provide the selected family with gifts and/or gift certificates for toys and food.

Hear Now - The scrap value of the used hearing aids helps support the mission of Hear Now to provide new hearing aids to qualified needy individuals. The hearing aids are provided at no charge. Many Hearing Instrument Manufactures support this program and provide the hearing aids to the program at greatly reduced costs or free. The screening, evaluation, dispensing and fitting of the hearing instruments are performed by hearing health professionals who volunteer their services to help those in need. There are over 2800 Audiologists and Hearing Instrument Dispensers nationwide that have become Hear Now Associates and volunteer their services to help those in need. 
Noise Induced Hearing Loss Prevention: The Sertoma  SAFEEARS is a noise-induced hearing loss prevention awareness program. GTSC is involved with Safears at the local level (recent project with USF and Seminole Heights School). One of our Safears project was also promoted by WFLA TV. 


The American Academy of Audiolology (AAA) has a wealth of information and resources on Noise Induced Hearing Loss. We are grateful to the Academy for them letting use this great audio byte, "Turn it to the Left"., performed by Benjamin Jackson. For more information on this public awareness campaign and to obtain your copy of this educational rap, please visit;  proceeds from the distribution of the CDs assist the American Academy of Audiology Foundation as it funds research on noise-induced hearing loss.



Sertoma Youth Ranch, Inc. - It is their mission to provide a rustic outdoor recreational area for the children of Florida. They believe that children should inherit this small haven of Florida in it's natural state, with programs to encourage their national heritage and culture. Some photos from GTSC folks helping out at the Ranch.

USF Department of Communication Sciences and Disorders - Located at USF this clinic provides much needed assistance to both children and adults with communicative disorders. Recently, the GTSC with other Sertoma Clubs provided a playground for the facility.

USF/Sertoma Scholarships in Communication Sciences - Efforts to establish and fund this endowment was spearheaded by GTSC in 1993. During the next five years various fundraising events were held. With support from other Sertoma clubs and businesses, the Endowment met it's requirement of $100,000 and received a State of Florida contribution of $50,000. The Endowment provides scholarships to audiology and speech pathology post graduate students who agree to practice in Florida after graduating.



The Bolesta Center teaches deaf and profoundly hard of hearing children to communicate verbally. Their mission is to provide these children the ability to live normal independent lives in a hearing and speaking world. Working “outside the box” of traditional special educational techniques typically reserved for the deaf, the Bolesta Center employs a revolutionary, but highly successful technique known as Auditory Verbal Approach. Using best fit traditional amplification or more frequently Cochlear Implants, this approach teaches profoundly hearing impaired children how to listen and make sense of the of the sound they hear. This is accomplished through an individualized habilitation program. Once the children learn how to hear, they begin to speak normally, use regular telephones, go to regular schools, and well, just be regular kids. The Bolesta Center is on the cutting edge of this new approach and is only one of ten nationally and the only center of it’s kind in Florida. We are particularly proud to sponsor the efforts of this organization for the remarkable achievements and successes in making otherwise disabled children able to live normal productive lives. Click here for a recent news release on the Bolesta Center. 

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